Why Does My Cat?

Cats are smart, cunning, graceful…and display all of these behaviors.

Why does my cat blink slowly at me?
A slow blink is one of the sweetest gestures. This action communicates affection and is considered a sign of trust in the feline world.

How do I respond?  
Return the gesture. You are communicating that you are aware of it’s presence and pose no threat.

Why do cats knock things off tables and it seems to be fun?
Normal feline behavior is using their paws to bat at objects and they are curious by nature. It may be an easy way to say “pay attention to me, I need your attention, look at me, feed me, play with me.”

How do I respond? 
Move all dangerous and most loved possessions out of reach and ignore this unwanted behavior.

Why does my cat kick litter out of the box? 
The pattern usually goes like this: inspection of litter, dig a shallow hole, eliminate, cover up. Some cats are more enthusiastic when covering up throwing litter outside the box.

A popular solution is a larger box with higher sides.

Why does my cat chatter at birds?
As explained on CatHealth.com.cat experts have several theories ranging from being predator behavior, a sign of frustration, excitement. Studies show felines may be able to mimic their prey. Thus the strange chatter.

Why does my cat head butt “bunt” me? Is there a hidden message?
Bunting and rubbing are for bonding, social, friendly, comforting purposes. Bunting leaves your cat’s scent on you.
Is this an affectionate gesture or an attention-seeking request and how can I tell the difference?

If your cat bunts your head, and tucks it down, or turns to the side, drop everything you’re doing and pay undivided attention. Don’t be surprised if it only lasts for a couple minutes. It is also a good way for you to take a short break so enjoy.

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