Meet Redford!

Hello, my name is Redford, and sadly, I am the longest-term resident at HSNB. I’ve been in their care for over 430 days! And now, I’m back at the shelter. 🙁 I don’t understand why. I am a handsome, well-behaved boy who likes to play with toys and go for walks (& when I can combine the two, it’s even better). Oh, and I’m house-trained too! I love nothing more than human interaction – I’m very friendly and loving to everyone I meet. But, I want you all to myself, so no other animals, please.

If you are interested in giving me a forever home, please complete the application here. You can find out more about me here! I will be forever be grateful and loyal to you.

My adoption fee is only $75. Thank you!

PS. Thank you to the nice man who made this video. He said he knows I’m going to find my family. He gave me treats and lots of pets too. Thank youEd Caspersen! You can see more of his work at and!