Submit a LOST FORM to HSNB as soon as you know your pet is missing.

If you’ve lost your pet, don’t waste any time. Begin your search as soon as you notice that the animal is missing. DO NOT delay or assume “He’ll find his way home.”

Your pet could be in another person’s home, stuck in a garage or tool shed, or at one of the local animal shelters. Without ID, animals are only required to be held in California shelters for THREE DAYS.

Finding your lost pet:

If your pet is microchipped, call the microchip company to ensure that the contact information on the chip is correct. Do not assume that the veterinarian, breeder or shelter that implanted the chip registered it with your information. We will call/email pet parents using the contact information on the microchip.

Create and print a “Lost Pet” flyer. Post flyers around your neighborhood and at local vet offices, pet supply stores, coffee shops, etc.

Flyers should include:

  • your phone number and email
  • the date that the animal was lost
  • where she was last seen, and a clear
  • description containing the animal’s name, breed, color, sex, age, and whether she was wearing a collar
  • If you’re offering a reward, you might want to leave out one detail, such as gender, in order to avoid scam artists.

Don’t give up! Some pets go missing for weeks before they are found. Pets can wander very far or be transported by well meaning people who found them, so it’s best to check all the shelters if you can, but at least check the one for your city.

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