Kids ‘n Cats

Seven essential rules that promote positive experiences for both human and feline.

  1. Pay attention to the cat’s body language.
  2. Petting Positive Signs:
    1. Cat will rub against the child’s hand, clothing, or lean toward the child.
    2. Tail will be held high and may purr.
    3. Stop petting if swishing tail, tail is lowered, or tucked under, ears moved back, growls or extends claws.
    4. The right way to pet is with open hand and soft gentle strokes only on the back, shoulder, neck, and top of head.
  3. Every interaction should be supervised and be sure to reinforce proper treatment of the cat.
  4. Holding a cat:
    1. Either sit on the floor or sofa, and let the cat come to lap luring it with a toy or a treat.
    2. Allow the cat to leave when it is ready.
  5. Keep indoor play calm and gentle. Cats are sensitive to movement and noise. Focus play on toys, and not hands.
  6. Allow cat to hide, because it wants to be alone sometimes.
  7. Alone time: Provide a cat tree, hiding places, or a private room when it needs a break.


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