Claim Your Pet

If you think your pet may be at our shelter, you have three (3) days to claim them (not including the date of intake). You have to make an appointment and claim your pet within three (3) days with all of the necessary items below. If you do not claim your pet within the time limit, by law, the animal becomes the property of Humane Society of the North Bay, and we will spay/neuter him/her, and we will find them a good home. If you learn your pet is at our shelter after the time limit, you may submit an application to adopt them. If you’re interested in adopting, please go to our Adoption Process page.

How to claim your pet?

  • You must make an appointment with the shelter staff by emailing  with the following information:
    • Your Name
    • Phone Number
    • Pet’s Name
    • Pet’s Description
    • Do you have proof of ownership? (Clear personal photos with  distinctive markings)
    • Do you have proof of rabies shot?
  • Come to your appointment and bring:
    • Proof of ownership.
    • Proof of rabies shot.
    • Credit Card or Cash.
      • The Humane Society of the North Bay, like all shelters, charges a Return to Owner fee.
      • We are required by law to give all lost animals who come into our shelter vaccinations to protect against the spread of disease. We have to charge to cover the cost of these shots.
      • We are required by law to ensure that all animals have a rabies shot before they can leave our shelter. If you don’t have proof of rabies shot, then we have to arrange for a vet to give the animal a shot, and we have to charge to cover this expense.
      • We charge for room and board to cover the cost of our staff taking care of the animal.
      • We may microchip animals, so that you may register the animal, and in the future they may go home faster. We charge for this expense.

We love to see animals go home, and will ask if we can take a picture of your with your animals as a success story that we will post on our Facebook page.

Thank you very much for your understanding of these policies!