Claim Your Pet

If you think your pet may be at our shelter, contact us right away by submitting this Lost Pet Form.

Owners have three (3) days to claim pets without microchips before they are evaluated for adoption. Pets who are not claimed within the time limit will have a health and behavior assessment and most likely become available for adoption. If you learn your pet is at our shelter after the time limit, you will need to follow the application process to adopt him/her.

How Do I Claim My Pet?

  • Make an appointment by submitting the lost/found form and a photo to
  • Bring the following necessary items to claim your pet:
    1. Proof of ownership (dog license, vet records, photos, etc.).
    2. Proof of current rabies vaccination.
    3. Credit card or cash for the Return to Owner fee. RTO fees cover the following:
      • Vaccinations: We are required by law to give all lost animals who come into our shelter vaccinations to protect against the spread of disease.
      • Rabies: We are required by law to ensure that all animals have a rabies shot before they can leave our shelter. If you don’t have proof of a current rabies vaccine, then we must provide a vaccination. You will be charged for this expense.
      • Room & Board: Cost of food our staff taking care of the animal.
      • Microchip: We microchip all animals before they are returned to their owners.

We love to see animals go home with their families! We hope you’ll allow us to take a picture of you with your pet as a success story that we will post on our Facebook page.

Thank you very much for your understanding of these policies!

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