Bandit’s Story

Bandit and his brother Shadow were both rescues from the Humane Society of the North Bay. Bandit arrived at the Humane Society in May 2005 from Mexico. His original name was, “Carmel,” but his guardian, Bobbie Dill said,”I gave him the name Bandit because of the black around his eyes and his black muzzle, these made him look like a bandit.”

She said, “I had no idea how big he would grow because he had giardiasis, it was three months of meds and a bland diet before he started to get well.” He had shared the illness with Shadow, so it was double trouble.

Bobbie gave him the birthday of April 1, 2005, as close she could get based on his documents. Bandit was a cream-colored  Great Dane and Grey Hound mix, who thought he was a lap dog. Probably the best story about Bandit’s antics, would be the night he stole Bobbie’s daughter’s wedding cake topper off the washer and ate it! Bandit was always by Bobbie’s side, always greeted her at the door (even after he got sick) and followed her everywhere in the house. He slept right next to her bed and if he wanted to check on her, he would reach up with his long front paw and grab her. He was goofy and silly and her very special puppy. Bobbie could not have ask for a better companion.

Bandit got bone cancer in the back of his left knee in January. It was fast moving. Bobbie decided not to amputate. For the next five months he was still Bandit, just with a bad leg. He carried until he couldn’t, and never complained. He just wanted more treats; and he got them! Bobbie was with him when he went to the Rainbow Bridge on June 9, 2018.

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