Fosters & Volunteers Needed

If you’re looking for some companionship, but can’t commit to a full-time pet, consider fostering.  We’re always looking for foster caregivers for our cats and dogs.  Apply to be a foster and make a difference to a dog or cat in need.  And if your lifestyle isn’t ready for fostering, maybe dog-walking is more your speed. Checkout our dog-walking program.  

LOST PET? Claim Your Pet As Soon As Possible.

Click here if you’ve lost your dog or cat. 

If your pet has gone missing, following all of the steps below will give you the best chance of finding him/her as quickly as possible.


Call and report your lost pet to nearby animal shelters that accept strays, veterinary hospitals, and your pet’s microchip company.

In Vallejo, HSNB takes all strays. File a lost/found animal report right away.


Search absolutely everywhere around your home. Scared pets sometimes hide in strange places and may be too frightened to come out when called.


Take a walk and/or drive through your neighborhood, calling your pet’s name and jingling favorite toys. Some owners have better luck calling for pets at nighttime when it is quiet.

Go door to door in your neighborhood to inform your neighbors about your missing pet.


Visit your local animal shelter every day to look for your pet. Do this for several weeks or until you find your pet.  (HSNB is only open by appointment due to COVID, so please call (707) 645-7905 after you’ve filed a lost pet report and check to see if your pet has been brought in.)


Make flyers with at least one clear photo, a detailed description, time and location last seen, and your contact information. Post them within a 1-2 mile radius of where your pet was last seen, a 1 mile radius of your home, and deliver them to shelters and veterinary hospitals.

Check found postings on Craigslist, Nextdoor and “Vallejo’s Lost Dogs” page on Facebook.


Even though your pet should always wear a collar and tags, these may come off. Make sure to microchip your pet and keep the information updated so that you can be contacted when your pet is found.

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