Volunteer Login

Beginning Monday, March 16, we’ll be scheduling dog walkers instead of our regular “drop in” walks. This is to ensure we have coverage during this critical time and that all dogs continue to receive daily walks.
There are two ways you can schedule:

  1. Directly through our online Volunteer Information Center program, VicNet, following the directions below.
  2. Email Peggie Hartig (phartig@hsnb.org) with your availability and preferred walking times through the end of March. She’ll put you in the schedule where you’re needed the most and send you the schedule.

After you login the first time, it’ll be easy to schedule yourself. To Self-Schedule:

  1. Go to Volunteer Information Center. Note: this link opens in a new tab.
  2. Enter your email as login name.
  3. Enter your temporary password (same as your Volunteer Login – generally your cell phone) and change to a permanent one. Email Peggie Hartig if you have a problem getting in.
  4. Click on “My Schedule” tab on top and you’ll see the “help wanted” flags on each day needing dog walkers.
  5. Click on the flag and the available times will come up.
  6. Click “schedule me” for the time frame you would like to commit to walking. Once you sign up, the booked time will be visible to all of the other power dog walkers.
  7. If you run into a conflict, please go back and “Remove” yourself ASAP so we know there will be a vacancy.