Preparing for an Emergency

Your pet needs you even more when disaster strikes. Essential services are often unavailable and  families are frequently displaced.

Here are important safety tips:

  • Plan Ahead. You’ll have little to no time to organize in the midst of an emergency.
  • Identify a safe place where your pets can go if you need to evacuate or seek shelter. NEVER leave animals behind.
  • Be sure that ID tags have current contact information and are properly affixed to your pet’s collar.
  • Tags and collars can get lost, so be sure your pet has a microchip with current information and an out-of-area contact.
  • Always keep your pets’ vaccinations up-to-date.
  • Prepare a disaster kit that includes pet carriers, food, bowls, bedding, kitty litter and box, a list of contacts, the name of your veterinarian, and copies of proper licensing and vaccinations.

For more information on keeping your pets safe, visit,

First Aid For Dogs

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