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Four Simple Tips to Bring your Pet Home

If you’ve lost your pet, don’t waste any time. Begin your search as soon as you notice that the animal is missing. DO NOT delay or assume “He’ll find his way home.”

Your pet could be in another person’s home, stuck in a garage or tool shed, or at one of the local animal shelters. Without ID, animals are only required to be held in California shelters for THREE DAYS. With ID, animals are held for ten days, but if your pet’s ID tags and/or microchip don’t have your current information, they are useless.

To find your pet, follow these steps

Step One:

  • Check the animal shelters that provide service to your area.
  • View the photos posted online of the animals at that shelter.
  • Call the shelter and make a lost report.
  • Visit the animal shelters to see the animals. Visiting in person is critical as miscommunication can easily happen over the phone or internet.

If you have lost a dog, sign up with Finding Rover. HSNB takes a picture of every dog that comes in and posts it there. Also check Vallejo Lost Dogs and Benicia/Vallejo Pets.

If you have lost a cat, check Vallejo Lost Dogs (cats are listed too!) and Benicia/Vallejo Pets.

Read about the behaviour of lost cats and dogs.

Step Two:

If your pet is microchipped, call the microchip company to ensure it is registered and that the contact information is correct. Do not assume that the veterinarian, breeder, or shelter that implanted the chip has registered it.

Step Three:

  • Post highly visible signs around your neighborhood and at local Vet offices.
  • Fill out and print this “Lost Pet” flyer.

The ad should be titled “Lost Cat” or “Lost Dog” and should include your phone number, the date that the animal was lost, where she was last seen, and a clear, brief description containing the animal’s name, breed, color, sex, age, and whether she was wearing a collar. If you’re offering a reward, you might want to leave out one detail, such as gender, in order to avoid scam artists.

Lost pet flyers can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the shelter. Shelter information is at the bottom of the page.

Often well-meaning people assume that stray pets have been abandoned, and will take them home. Consider buying or renting a humane cage trap for a missing cat, as many frightened cats will hide close to home and not respond when called.

Step Four:

  • Post internet lost pet ads with photos.
  • Craigslist is a very popular site and a good place to start. You can search and post on other sites such as PetHarbor and PetFinder.

Don’t give up! Some pets go missing for weeks before they are found. Pets can wander very far or be transported by well meaning people who found them, so it’s best to check all the shelters if you can, but at least check the one for your city.

Below are the animal control agencies in Solano and Napa Counties including the cities they serve. Click LOST DOGS or LOST CATS to go directly to the page with the pictures of pets at that shelter. If you think you see your pet, contact them immediately!


You are required by law to try to find the owner! You can satisfy this duty by filling out a Found Pet report at the Humane Society. Here are other ways to find the owner:

  • Check Vallejo’s Lost Dogs page on Facebook.
  • Check in Nextdoor.
  • Check your neighborhood where the dog was found for Lost Pet signs.

Local Shelters

Solano County Animal Shelter
2510 Clay Bank Rd.

The Solano County Shelter posts all incoming animals to PetHarbor. Use the links below to look for dogs and cats.
Lost Dogs »
Lost Cats »

Napa County Animal Shelter
942 Hartle Ct.

Lost Dogs & Cats »